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We continue together on the Way, tree years after we met…

We continue together on the Way, tree years after we met each other… Manuel from Spain and I, Svetlana from Bulgaria….giving to Camino that which Camino gave to us – LOVE … And doesn`t matter where people come from and where they  go….   the beginning…./ Svetlana – Bulgaria & Manuel – Spain /

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Once upon a time / Pepa & Valentin – Bulgaria /

Once upon a time..There was a woman and a man. Only they knew how much they love each other. But this is far from strange because everybody loves in a different way and similar ways of loving doesn’t exist. Their love was born in a period in which he found out about a serious ongologic […]

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the beginning…./ Svetlana – Bulgaria & Manuel – Spain /

Three years after my Camino, the idea of this page is finally becoming a reality. As I write these first words, it becomes clear to me that I want to tell my story and express my feelings about the Camino in few words, the change, the beginning of something new, love…I already know that a […]

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